Showcase & Awards


Participation & Award Information

All students are welcome and encouraged to participate in our Showcase. We want this event to display an exciting atmosphere where we celebrate the awesome talents that we have been given as dancers. We also want to create unity and confidence for a more relaxed environment for all who participate. Though it is not a competition, we will be critiquing all performances for your benefit. All entries will receive an award in honor of their participation in The Showcase.

Registration Fees for the Showcase

Solos, Duets & Trios
$90 per routine
Groups with 4 - 25 Dancers
$110 per routine
26+ Dancers
$110 per routine



Studio Spirit Award

Does your studio show "spirit" not just within your team but to surrounding teams?! We are looking for one studio per location who exemplify team effort and The Spirit of excellence as well as a team that encourages others to reach higher and challenges those around them to feel inspired! DR also loved to see Studio Spirit via social media and other outlets as studios prepare to come to a DR event. DR's Studio Spirit award will be presented at Faculty Show.

Rising Star Performance

DR faculty will be picking one performance from our Showcase to perform in our Faculty Show as our Rising Star performance! We are looking for performances with creativity and innovation that are cleaned and prepared as well as appropriate choreography and costuming. The Rising Star will receive a scholarship to perform their awarded piece at one of our Earthshakers- The Competition's regional event.

Outstanding teacher award

DR will be awarding an outstanding teacher award on tour this year! We are celebrating leaders and mentors that are changing the face of dance with us. Students can fill out this form about their Outstanding Teacher and turn it into the DR Main Table by the end of the DR Showcase. DR's Outstanding Teacher award will be presented at Faculty Show.

Outstanding Teacher Form





Dance Revolution awards scholarships in each student level that exemplify the spirit of excellence. DR Scholarships will be presented at Faculty Show.

Scholarships must be used by the end of the next tour season.

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