Our generation screams for a "radical change" and Dance Revolution has the VISION to take on the challenge. Our convention is on a mission to IMPACT dancers from the "inside-out."

Students and teachers will learn amazing technique and innovative choreography from one of the nation's best faculty. They will also learn the true PURPOSE of dance while utilizing their talents in a positive way!

Dance Revolution is a faith-based ministry with strong convictions and principles. We want to take our generation to a higher dimension . . . a dimension that is inspiring, powerful, life changing, and where God will be our focus. Our various facets of ministry are like no other you will ever experience. We will take our attendees on a journey of motivation and excitement.

Changing a generation, one revolution at a time!


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address: 2100 Greenbriar Drive, Suite #150, Southlake, TX 76092
phone: 407-208-1035 / email: